After a prosperous start in the design industry, I decided I would broaden my horizons and travel the world...
The name ‘A Fish Design’ can be traced back to my first design role and employer who mockingly suggested the title.
I have met and shared a drink with both the ‘Guns and Roses’ and ‘Grand Master Flash’.
Typography and thinking outside the box are passions of mine.
People land in parachutes 20 feet away from my window everyday.
I once worked as a cowboy in the middle of the Australian Outback.
I am excellent in Photoshop, In Design, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Fireworks.
Skilled in Flash, Action Script, HTML 5, CSS 3 and relatively new to Java Script and PHP.
I landed my first design position after being kicked out of my third year of college following a direct mail marketing campaign sent to every advertising agency in Glasgow titled ‘A FISH WILL WORK FOR FOOD’. 
I hold an advanced Diploma in Graphic Design.
My hobbies include frisbee golf, running, snowboarding and eating.
I am 30 years young...
This year I jumped out of a plane, survived the biggest cliff jump in the world, swam with dolphins, abseiled into a cave and climbed my first Ice glacier.
I once got attacked by a Koala Bear.... true story!


Founder / Graphic Designer - AFish Design
2012 - Present. New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom
AFish design was founded in February 2012, starting off as a humble freelance business, it has since come along leaps and bounds with clients operating in Glasgow, Melbourne, Townsville, Christchurch and Queenstown. With a focus on corporate branding and strategic marketing, we help new bussiness owners get the start they need.

Sales Manager - Sleek Marketing
2012 - 2014. Melbourne, Australia
Sleek Marketing is Melbournes leading marketing firm for large Australian corporations.
Clients include Energy Australia, Alinta Energy, Unicef, EETech and Momentum Energy.

Graphic Designer - Voxego Design
2007 - 2012. Glasgow, United Kingdom
Voxego Design is a multifaceted graphic design studio located in the centre of Glasgow delivering solutions across all areas of print and new media, from website design and development to corporate branding, advertising, editorial, marketing campaigns and social media. Clients include: CALA Homes, Skyform Group, Levy & Macrae and Luddon Construction.

Graphic Designer - Barkers Advertising
2006 - 2007. Glasgow, United Kingdom
Barkers advertising was one of the largest advertising firms in the United Kingdom with offices in every major city before closing it’s doors in 2009. The Scottish PR, advertising and social marketing divisions of the firm produced work for some of the largest corporate organisations in the country.

Graphic Designer - Carbon Design
2005 - 2006. Glasgow, United Kingdom
Carbon Design is a multimedia graphic design studio and large format digital printing company based in in the centre of Glasgow. Delivering tailor-made bespoke solutions across print, press and multimedia platforms for all levels of corporate.
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